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Should I Take This Job – A Tarot Card Case Study

A questioner makes and sells jewelry herself, which is not very profitable, but is something she likes to do. Her friend who is a tarot card reader offered her a position. The salary is good, and her friend is a kind, easy-going boss. What should she do? The answer seems clear. If she continues to run the jewelry business, her hard work will pay off. However, the lure of the Devil cards that appear is also intriguing. The questioner concluded that it was a temptation to deviate her from the right path. She decides to turn down the kindness of her friends and keep doing the job she loves.


1. Accept: The Devils – temptations may arise

2. Rejection: 8 of pentacles – Hard work pays off

3. Treatment: Ace of Wands– Nourish Dreams and Visions

1. Accept: The Devils – temptations may arise

“If I take this job, what will the future be like?”

The Devil card says that if you take the job, you may be tempted. This temptation can come from outside of you, from within, or both, and if you give in, you could be in trouble. However, what is certain is that deep down you will find a way to deal with this temptation. If you can objectively look at your “inner Devil” or saboteur and find the strength to fight against it, you will not only find yourself back on the right track in life, but also gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. Remember, temptation may test us, but we will be rewarded if we pass the test.

Temptation may arise

The devil is often seen as the ultimate incarnation of evil, but in tarot he is used more to represent temptation. Traditionally, The Devils don’t have a lot of power themselves. His power lies in his ability to seduce humans into doing things that will ultimately lead to their demise. So if we have anything to fear on this card, it’s ourselves.

This card reminds us that we are often enslaved by our own weaknesses. We are in trouble because we are no longer in control of our own destiny. For alcoholics, the bottle controls fate, while for obsessive pessimists, it is the negative thoughts that call the shots. When this card appears, it is usually a warning to us that an unhealthy condition is developing and that we are losing control of our lives.

2. Rejection: 8 of pentacles – Hard work pays off

“What will happen to the future if I turn down the job?”

8 of pentacles means that if you turn down the job, you will be rewarded enormously. It’s probably because you’ve spent a lot of time working hard and building something constructive in your life; one of the biggest rewards of doing so is being able to handle future responsibilities with ease. You should enjoy these successes: you deserve it!

Hard work will pay off

The eight of pentacles represents diligence, the joy of hard work, and attention to detail. It’s a card that stands for delayed gratification, “hard work” until the work is done. This card also reminds that all external influences and temporary happiness need to be shielded in order to achieve the goal of the heart.

People who can commit to their goals in this way are often seen as role models because few of us have the patience and tenacity needed to get through tough times or even overcome the first few hurdles. Eight of pentacles is a card that achieves success through hard work, because even if the original goal is not achieved, as long as it is committed and tried, it is the real success. In other words, the biggest failure is not trying at all.

3. Treatment: Ace of Wands– Nourish Dreams and Visions

“How should I make this decision?”

Ace of Wands advises you to keep an eye out for creative or daydreaming seeds you may generate and plant them as soon as possible. Now is the perfect time to make plans, make important decisions, realize dreams, and present visions, so nurture these creative seeds and protect them until they bloom. Holding on to your vision will bring you change and bring great adventure and vitality to your life. In the future, you’ll find yourself more integrated into your life and feel it’s much easier to innovate naturally. If you feel like you are stuck at this point, you should apply lateral thinking to your situation so you can overcome the obstacle. Remember, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed when it comes to the first card of wands!

Nourish dreams and visions

The Ace of Wands symbolizes the power of creative thinking and imagination. We may not always be aware of this power, but each of us has the ability to be original and imaginative in our lives, for example, to come up with new ways of doing things, to find imaginative solutions, or to dream about the future life. Whatever the outcome, thought drives action, and this card reminds us that thinking in a straight line is not always the best way to do things.

The ace of wands often comes up when things are stagnant and a powerful shift is needed to change the status quo and move toward a brighter future. It represents all the passion, enthusiasm and perseverance we need to invoke to get us out of the woods, into new horizons and re-energized.

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