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Purple Garden Review:


  • Live chat, phone, and face-to-face video sessions
  • Psychics feature video bios
  • Largest offering of high-quality psychics and clairvoyants
  • Read messages and stories from other users
  • Get $10 bonus after registration
  • Excellent mobile app


  • No 100% refund if not satisfied

The purple garden may be the solution if you are looking for simple mobile access to psychics. User-friendly software is accessible for Android and iPhone smartphones that offers video, chat, and audio readings from various psychics on the network. It’s as simple to browse through psychic profiles as using your favorite social networking applications. Some psychics even have video biographies you can watch to get a better sense of their vibe before choosing them for a reading.

Through an effective network, purple garden digitizes conventional psychic readings through inexpensive services and successful partnerships, and it draws viewers from specialized mystical groups to its digital sphere. Here, you can meet a variety of people, including empaths, relationship experts, clairvoyants without a tool, crystal ball gazers, and more.

What Types of Readings are Available?

People who wish to know what they can do about the most recent unanticipated developments in their lives can benefit from psychic readings. It can offer clarification and answers, and psychics work to prepare their clients for what’s to come. Typically, these readings don’t involve any cards or other real objects, but the advisor’s preferences may come into play.

The purple garden is regarded as one of the best online tarot card readers and fortune tellers that you shouldn’t squander your money on. They provide a variety of readings, which we shall discuss. What is nice about this site is that you may obtain a reading via chat, video, and calls. So you can receive a reading while you are out and about and get your life back on track.

As The client’s birth date, birth time, and birthplace are used in astrology and horoscopes to ascertain the planets’ alignment and specific constellations at the time of birth. This information indicates that a user’s stars have certain aspects of their life preprogrammed from birth. These counselors educate clients about themselves and their lives by drawing on heavenly wisdom.

There are many tarot readers to choose from if you are seeking one, and many of them specialize in more exotic tarot designs like Egyptian and Nouveau. Depending on the spread the reader will set up, a tarot reading might disclose information about your history, present, and goals for the future. Tarot fortune tellers are the only people who can interpret each card’s significance based on the symbols it displays.

Best Features

Purple Garden has a well-developed mobile application that helps it stand apart from other psychic websites. It has a neat user interface with all the convenient features to make it pleasant for the clients.

You can see the psychics with maximum accuracy and the ones that the app recommends on top, so it becomes easy for anyone to pick a psychic. They have a unique feature called “Journeys,” where they allow users to describe the experience at Purple Garden. Purple Garden has fantastic cashback offers with every purchase and long-term rewards.

Purple Garden screens all the psychics through their CVs. They check their work experience, expertise in different psychic fields, and awards to see if they have won any in their life. When the documents are approved, the next step is a test video reading from the psychic. This extensive screening process looks pretty efficient if it is the way it’s claimed. It is a bit difficult to say that the screening process is extremely strict, but the website has some excellent psychics.

Special Deals & Cheap Readings

Purple Garden allows psychic advisors to set their own rates like many psychic reading websites. Generally, the rates range from $1 to $10 per minute. One great thing about Purple Garden is that they provide 5% cashback on all of your purchases through the website. When this 5% accumulates enough to have $10 in the reward section, it can be utilized for making more purchases on the psychic website. Purple Garden gives you a $10 bonus as an introductory offer. After signing up, you can choose your payment method.


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