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Kasamba Review:

Kasamba is our top pick overall for anyone looking for an affordable psychic reading. The site was launched over 20 years ago and has served more than 3,000,000 satisfied customers.

It’s home to hundreds of highly rated psychic advisors, including numerous readers, with very reasonable rates. And because it’s stood the test of time, it has a super-high Trustpilot rating (4.2 stars).

What Types of Online Psychic Readings are Available?

Kasamba offers one of the widest range of spiritual readings, which is one of the reasons we rate it so highly. The most popular readings include love and relationships, tarot card reading, career forecasts, dream analysis, and astrology readings.

However, you can also find a psychic reader at Kasamba experienced in palm readings, the occult, numerology, Kabbalah, picture readings, and the paranormal.

Best Features

One of the things we liked about Kasamba is that when you click on a category such as Numerology, you not only get a list of psychic advisors who specialize in that topic but who also list the various readings they offer.

Meanwhile, there are drop-down menus listing various sub-categories for the most popular categories, such as Love and Relationships. 

For love and relationships, these include difficult but common worries, such as  “Breaking up and Divorce” and “Cheating and Affairs.”

You can also arrange psychics according to price (lowest to highest or vice-versa), how new they are and how experienced they are. 

Because there are so many psychic advisors at Kasamba, this feature makes it much easier to find cheaper psychics.

Another standout feature is the daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope. Expert psychics write these, and they’re all free for anyone to read.

Special Deals & Cheap Psychic Chat 

When you first join Kasamba as a new customer, you’re entitled to your first 3 minutes free. This is an excellent deal that allows you to test the waters with a psychic reader to see whether or not they’re a fit for you. You also get 70% off your first session, and Kasamba offers a full refund to anyone who’s not fully satisfied after a psychic reading.


With the help of qualified psychics who have accumulated experience in this area, Kasamba offers the most excellent mediums. You can observe several readings offered by the site. Kasamba provides more than 35 reading options, including uncommon ones like Vedic astrology, graphology, and kabbalah. It provides over 300 psychics through phone or chat but no video readings.

Free psychics are accessible for a quick reading of 180 seconds, and a reputable psychic, the network of the top love psychics online, use this website to communicate with professionals and get a cheap psychic reading.  It’s normal to struggle to understand the significance of events in your life and look for direction. Kasamba appears to be an excellent place to acquire dependable and reliable psychic readings per the site’s hiring guidelines. 

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