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A guidance to Yes and No Lotus Tarot Reading

Tarots are known to provide you with answers to the questions that keep you wondering. Sometimes we need very on-the-spot answers like a yes or a no. Precise answers are essential when your love or finances are at stake, and you are looking for psychic guidance. The Lotus tarot oracle can help you in this regard and bless you with an accurate reading. The lotus tarot has mystical energy as it is a psychic tool. The aesthetic appeal of the lotus tarot is also impressive.  

History of Lotus Tarot

The Lotus Tarot is linked to the Raider Waite. You can clearly infer its link to Raider Waite with a glance. It is a revamped version of the classic tarot cards, as many new modern versions are emerging in the 21st century. The signs and images on the Lotus Tarot take advantage of photo-shopped versions of original images. Digitalization has taken over tarot and all other things around us. Historically, the artworks of artists were made on tarot cards to make them luxury items. 

Lotus Tarot and Spirituality

Since the lotus tarot is aesthetic, people use it as a working deck and sometimes as an aesthetic addition to their collection. Like other tarot cards, lotus tarot is also used as a psychic tool to provide humans with spiritual predictions

Psychic mediums have an in-depth understanding of the lotus tarot if that is their primary tool for psychic readings. Famous psychics have made accurate spiritual predictions using the Lotus Tarot. Tarot reading is a learned art and works best if your intuitive abilities are strong or you are already gifted.  

Due to the massive popularity of the Lotus Tarot, you can get a free online psychic reading through reputable websites. Spiritual shops have now changed shape and become online psychic websites. You can meet your psychic online and request a lotus tarot reading at an affordable price. 

Lotus Tarot- A Choice

With many types of tarot available as a psychic tool, psychic mediums choose one based on their preference. Sometimes, if they specialize in more than one tarot type, they choose the best deck considering the kind of question asked. 

Since the Rider-Waite deck is one of the popular ones, intuitive mediums don’t have to relearn many associations and symbols during the transition. Lotus Tarot is excellent for spiritual knowledge, getting blessings, and divination. Some people also use the Lotus Tarot as a tool for meditation.

Lotus Tarot & Traditional Tarot – The Difference

Cards having photo-shopped images instead of artworks from artists is a major unique factor of the lotus tarot. There is another distinct lotus tarot feature you might not have yet noticed. Along with a major link to the Rider-Waite deck, the lotus tarot has also gained inspiration from the BODA deck. The inspiration from the BODA deck is apparent in the significant changes in the Major Arcana of the Lotus Tarot. 

A skeleton depicts the death card in the lotus tarot with a red background. Contrary to this, in other tarots, it’s represented by a horseracing dark knight in armor (that is ambiguous for a beginner). The sun card in lotus tarot has two naked kids in the sunflower fields having a good time. In classic tarot, there was a kid with a banner on a horse and the symbol of the sun moving downwards. 

Virtues of the Lotus Tarot

Lotus tarot can bring a fresh perspective to your boring life. Your clouded thoughts and difficult decisions can all be cleared with the spiritual guidance that the lotus tarot brings. It helps you reflect on your past patterns, and the psychic makes spiritual predictions about the future. Being unsure about the most important decisions in your life is extremely painful. Lotus tarot can ease your pain by giving to-the-point answers. 

The Lotus Tarot brings guidance and direction to your life by making you turn to the right path. It saves you from making decisions that you might regret in the long run. Initially, you may be amazed by the decision on the lotus tarot, but sooner or later, you will know what you know not. 

Consulting a lotus tarot reader can help you connect with your intuition. You will start to understand your energy better. Once you believe in spiritual guidance with all your heart, you begin to see how blessings are bestowed on you. 

Tarot Reading Online

Some people are deprived of the virtues of lotus tarot because there are no spiritual shops near them. Online tarot readers are now accessible to all regions of the world with basic internet facilities. In fact, an abundance of gifted people online has made psychic services more affordable than ever. 

Some top psychic websites, like Oracle or Keen, even offer great introductory offers and free minutes to get started. You can find intuitive mediums that specialize in specific types of spiritual readings, including lotus tarot reading. 


The Lotus tarot is a modern version of the classic tarot that has gained massive popularity. Psychic mediums use it to make future predictions and help clients reflect on the past. Clients that are stressed with the burdens of decisions that they are reluctant to take seek guidance. 

The Lotus Tarot is also used as an aesthetic addition to the collections of the elite. The Premium lotus tarot is coated with a casino-grade linen coating, giving it a premium look. This linen coating makes the cards slide easily and last longer than regular tarot cards. 

Intuitive mediums will choose a tarot type for you depending on their preference. You can request a lotus tarot reading specifically online. You might not get the liberty of a tarot-type selection in a spiritual shop. 

The tarot reader at the spiritual shop might be a specialist in other tarot types like Latin tarot. However, the gifted online community has a variety of intuitive readers and seers, so you can definitely find a psychic medium expert in lotus tarot. 

The Lotus tarot brings blessings to your life as your decisions in life become easier and more fruitful. When your choices are correct, you climb up the success ladder and reach heights through good fortune. Guidance can take you a long way ahead of your competitors. The world of divine knowledge can open its gates to you through spiritual readings. 

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